Game corner math is way off

Deltas are weird priced… So I bought required 1500+5500+7000=14 000 coins. Saved my game as I always do before doing something silly next. After that I started with expensive one (7000) and BAM game left me with 4000 (how 14000-7000=4000?). OK. I made soft reset and now started with cheaper one and guess what 14000-1500=13500. Only reasonable price is for Litwick (it actually is 5500). As for Abra and Dratini - those are fine, but who wants them?

The 7000 coin one is actually 10 000 coins, it’s a bug.

OK. So what is the right price 7000 or 10000? If then 7000 then I’ll probably wait when bug is fixed.

Not sure, it could be both.