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Game beaten

so i beat the whole game. what next? what happens to damien and his mom? what happens to nora? is there a contiuned game?

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you do the post game, and you get to see what happens to damian and nora

i did all that stuff do i have to do the optional ones to?

yeah pretty much all post game

and then i get the ending?

well, there is no “ending”

so after i complete all the post game quests nothing happens?

yeah, after post game you just shiny hunt/complete your dex/etc

what a shame ill prob get zeta bc that king guy made the region to

Zeta was kinda of bland in my opinion, I didn’t enjoy it cuz you basically don’t have anything interesting interrupting your walking. It wasn’t very memorable.

Do you think I should play Zeta/Omicron at some point? Basically what I’m asking is, do you recommend it?

It’s okay, Insurgence is much better, Zeta/Omicron was very monotonous and boring for me at least.

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As stated prior, there is a lot of post-game which reveals Damien’s and Nora’s fates as well as those of other characters such as Persephone and the Darkari cultists.

I haven’t completed the entire post-game yet but have started a new file in which I’m shiny hunting basically everything I want to use unless I don’t like the shiny sprites.
So far I have:

  • Pikachu
  • Delta Muk
  • Delta Gallade
  • Lucario
  • Croconaw
  • Mudkip
  • Fraxure
  • Azumarril (completely random this one, popped up during my totodile hunt).
  • Charizard
  • Gigalith
  • Delta Crustle (Cake version from the trade on route 2)
  • Cubone

I think that about covers it.
I did not like the shinies for the Delta Squirtle and Aipom lines so took them non-shiny.

I am now working on Nidoran male and Delta Wooper.
Delta Wooper is a real doozy with the whole midnight-5am window. The spawn I achieved the other night actually stayed for a few hours the following morning but then after several resets disappeared. I replaced the treat but then forgot to check it last night. Not sure if I’ll have to replace the treat again.

Sorry going off-topic.
What I mean to get at here is that if you finished, there are plenty of different ways to play that you could try.

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Croconaw? Feraligatr? Crawdaunt?

That spelling tho…

Also, GL with Wooper, that’s gonna probably be one of the hardest deltas to hunt.

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ye so far i dont like it idk if ill get over insurgence ever

Sorry, edited.

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On the topic of Zeta/Omicron, I’ve just begun Omicron.

While Granted I am only in the second gym town and am grabbing a couple more levels before facing the gym, thus far I agree with earlier statements of it being monotone and bland. Not to mention linear.

The first 3 towns are almost a straight line, the latter two which are both gym towns are essentially ten steps apart and there has been no plot since the introduction.

It’s also got a very gens 1 and 2 old style vibe about it including using the HM system even if it’s temporary because replacement items are given later. That just makes it all the more annoying really.

Hopefully it gets better.


you could delta and legend hunt