Gabite please

Trading Name: Zeroxell Offer: level 52 electabuzz (Female) Request: Female Gabite Further info:

i could trade you if you have an umbreon or espeon

Sadly I do not own and can not find an eevee

Gabite is available in the Friend Safari of Fuzz and Ground If you can’t access it yet I’ll get one for you one for free (just catch a junk Pokémon to trade).

I tried to catch one couldn’t just let me know when you can do the trade thanks.

I can trade anytime for the next hour or so. My trading name is AWildNoob, what is yours?

Zeroxell I belive

Zeroxell, Let me know when to submit the trade request

Can you join the Discord server? We have to click trade within 20 seconds or so of each other to trade and using Discord makes it easier.

Ok I’m on discord now what?

Find my posts. I’ll tag you and we’ll have to count down to trade.

I’m new to this site so bare with me

No problem. I tagged you again. Respond if you see me. My discord name is the same as my forums name.

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