Future patches

i know that the team that developed pokemon insurgence is developing another game but are they going to create new patches or insurgence is dead ?

Thank you for the answers.

Patch 1.2.3 (Current)
This patch is mostly playable how ever Kyurem can not be obtained
Patch (Unstable) This patch fixes several bugs such as Kyurem however it breaks delta breeding making a lot of the deltas unobtainable

Patch 1.2.5 (Indev) This is a major bug fix patch that is in the work with no ETA
Patch 1.3 “The DLC Update” (Planned) This patch will be a clean up of the story and several other parts of the game that will begin development after 1.2.5’s release.

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Thank you, i am happy to see that insurgence is still alive.