Future of Pokemon Insurgence

The game is amazing, but it is hard not to notice its bugs. Especially, once the main story is over. It would be great if somebody would work on further patches.

I understand that devs are happy on their island, working on their next project (Pokemon Epsilon) and although a patch was announced, no work is currently in progress.

(Discord) Community created 1.2.4 patch, which solves some problems but introduces brand new bugs to replace them. It is recommended only for a specific subset of the community.

Is there any hope that Insurgence will continue its development and not fade into oblivion as a game with great potential and not nearly enough support?

This is not true, the development team created 1.2.4

As for the next updates:

Patch 1.2.5 (Indev)
This is a major bug fix patch that is in the work with no ETA
Patch 1.3 “The DLC Update” (Planned)
This patch will be a clean up of the story and several other parts of the game that will begin development after 1.2.5’s release.

Alright - I assumed it was community driven patch, because there is not much info about it on the official website/forum.

I know (and even mentioned in my previous message) that the new patch was announced but I assume no work is actually in progress. In my humble opinion, no information drives the community away from the game what may in turn result in less interest to publish the patch.

Of course, the game is a product of development team and taking into account what was accomplished so far, anything will (or will not) be done, the development team should be praised until the end of time. However, if the future of the project is a little brighter, it would make me very happy and more eager to convince my friends to join the community.

In practice, some communication and/or release of smaller patches (as I understand that the release of the one patch to patch them all is not going to happen anytime soon) would be great. On the other hand, if the sourcecode is published and the community starts to work on bugfixes it would be even better

The is actually quite of bit of interest generated by the discord community and we are actively working on making it so 1.2.5 cleans up a lot of the bugs and lag. We have made some significance progress, but we don’t want to openly announce much for fear of what happened when it took a year for 1.2 to come out and it eventually just became a meme and a point of tension for the team.

That’s great to hear! I’ve seen some messages about the patches in discord scattered across multiple topics but it seemed from my perspective that those topics die very quickly, as if people gave up hope for a new patch. I understand that too much hype can be burdensome but some hype should be very helpful.

If there is any discussion about the patch, I would be grateful if somebody could direct me to it. E.g. it would be interesting for me to read somewhat organized discussion about bugs that need to be fixed (as opposed to 2k+ individual posts, most of which relate to being stuck in a wall).