Future E4 team. Any suggestions on how to edit it?

So I am going to be doing an custom egglocke, ironman, nuzlocke on hard mode (I really have no idea why I am planning to do this) and I am currently planning the eggs that i will give myself. Because it’s an egglocke i can’t use deltas or legendaries (I think) and i cannot use items during battle (that’s why I chose heal bell and wish for gardevoir). How well do you think this team would do?

Ability: Speed boost (hidden) (speed boost for mega)
Item: Blazikenite
Nature: Naughty
IVs: 31, 31, 31, 31, 31,31
Evs: 252 in attack and speed, 4 in special attack
Moves: High jump kick, swords dance, blaze kick, brave bird

Ability: Synchronise
Item: pixie plate
Nature: Modest
Ivs: 31, 31, 31, 31, 31, 31
Evs: 252 in sp. Attack and sp. Defence, 4 in speed
Moves: Dazzling gleam (might exchange for taunt or psychic in certain battles cos i can get all of those tms), wish, calm mind, heal bell

Ability: multiscale (hidden)
Item: leftovers
Nature: lonely
Ivs: 31, 31, 31, 31, 31, 31
Evs: 252 attack and defence, 4 in sp defence
Moves: aqua tail, thunder punch, fire punch, roost

Ability: Stance Change
Item: leftovers
Nature: adamant
Ivs: 31, 31, 31, 31, 31, 31
Evs: 252 in attack and defence, 4 in defence
Moves: sacred sword, iron head, night slash, swords dance

Ability: rough skin (hidden)
Item: life orb
Nature: adamant
Ivs: 31, 31, 31, 31, 31, 31
Evs: 252 in attack and hp, 4 in speed
Moves: dragon claw, earthquake, crunch, swords dance

Ability: Iron barbs
Item: leftovers
Nature: adamant
Ivs: 31, 31, 31, 31, 31, 31
Evs: 252 in sp defence and defence, 4 in attack
Moves: spikes, stealth rock, leech seed, power whip

Blaziken really doesn’t benefit from it’s mega. Life Orb speed boost Blaziken hits for more damage and the slight speed buff isn’t worth it. Blaze kick should be swapped for Flare Blitz, Brave Bird could be swapped out for either Stone Edge to cover it’s flying weakness or Baton Pass to pivot out and pass speed boosts and potentially atk boosts.

Gardevoir would be a much better option for your mega to be honest. The 40 base sp. atk is actually making a difference here because of pixilate, and the 20 base sp. def boost isn’t bad either. Swap out dazzling gleam for a pixilate amped Hyper Voice. Taunt is also incredibly useful so maybe consider taking it over Heal Bell. Alternatively you could swap it out for a hidden ability Sylveon since they effectively do the same thing. Sylveon is slower hits for a little less with Life Orb, but has considerably better bulk and frees your mega slot.

I feel like Dragonite should definitely have a stab move, whether you run Dragon Claw or Outrage instead of Aqua Tail. Thunder Punch isn’t really hitting all that much, so you could swap it out for D-Dance or EQ. If you go with Baton Pass on Blaziken, you could pivot into Dragonite to anticipate a water move or EQ and pass on his stat boosts, making D-Dance kind of unnecessary and freeing up a slot. Towards end game you might be able to tutor it Extreme Speed as well.

Aegislash should be running Shadow Claw over Night Slash. They hit basically the same things, but Shadow Claw gets stab. King’s Shield is really too good not to run as well.

Garchomp and Ferrothorn are fine. You could run Mega Garchomp instead of Gardevior, especially if you dropped Gardevior for Life Orb Sylveon. Giving a Mega Garchomp a couple of speed boosts from Blaziken is going to give you game in most cases.

You have no hazard removal, which isn’t really game breaking but a big pet peeve of mine. You could swap Garchomp and run Mega Donphan. I can’t praise that mon enough. Stupid high bulk and atk, an ability that ignores type immunities, and incredible coverage moves make this thing a beast. Rapid spin that can’t be ghost blocked, EQ that can hit flying types, Poison Jab and Gunk Shot that can hit steel types, access to Play Rough, Knock Off, Super Power, Seed Bomb and priority in Ice Shard. The only downside is it’s pretty slow, but with high bulk and potential to speed pass from Blaziken it’s definitely worth considering.

The reason why I have heal bell and moves with no recoil is because i’m going to be doing this on hard mode and therefore would not be able to use full restores etc. This is also why I didn’t give many pokemon the life orb.
I also have used mega blaziken in competitive battle before and it has been actually able to sweep most teams that I’ve faced with it (although I don’t know if it’s just cos i’ve been rly lucky).
I might swap dazzling gleam for hyper voice, although this would mean that I am not going to be able to swap it between like I’ve planned as it doesn’t have a tm that i know of.
I’m not particularly sure about mega gardevoir since there are a lot of pokemon in the E4’s teams that have move that are super effective and would outspeed.
The reason that dragonite doesn’t have any stab moves is because dragon isn’t super effective against much and i have thunder punch as i have no other way to cover flying types, although in gen 6 i believe that tornadus is the only pure flying type. I might consider mega garchomp but I’m not 100% certain because of the loss of speed.
I do like mega donphan, but like you said, the speed could be a problem and also i rly rly hate not outspeeding so I’ll think about it
I would have put put shadow claw but it seem that i’ve forgotten to check the tm section of bulbapedia lol

You would just be swapping one recoil move for another on Blaziken though. You are also gambling pretty hard with Hi Jump Kick if you are worried about crash damage. I’m sure you did sweep with Mega Blaziken plenty of times. The issue is that Mega Blaziken isn’t actually any better than standard. Frankly, I think as long as you are making smart plays you shouldn’t have an issue since you are running Gardevior as a cleric.

Hyper Voice can be tutored onto it for free in Sonata City. If you aren’t going to run it as a mega it isn’t worth it though. You should still upgrade Dazzling Gleam to Moonblast though. All it costs is a heart scale and those are free and infinite from rocks.

Dragon isn’t super effective against much, but it’s still the single best coverage type in the entire game. Steel was the only thing that resisted it until fairy was introduced, so stab dragon is still doing sizable chunks at neutral damage to pretty much everything. Dragon claw almost does comparable damage to a super effective thunder punch as long as it isn’t resisted (the only water/steel mon I am aware of is Delta Haxorus line) and has FAR better neutral damage.

I don’t really see speed being an issue either. Blaziken is one of if not the best baton passer in all of pokemon.

I know high jump kick is risky for a nuzlocke but it works more often than not so it should be fine. I just don’t want anything on top of the crash damage. I’ll switch it out on the next turn should it miss. I suppose donphan would be good for the trick room team as well. Also i think empoleon is water/ steel but i don’t think it’s in the teams so that shouldn’t be a problem. Instead of a life orb, I could give blaziken a wide lens, and for the trick room team, a zoom lens. that should mean in the battle against london i should have over 100% chance and a 99% chance to hit. Have i done that right? If i am to use baton pass to give speed to donphan, will it mean that i have to replace swords dance with a move that boosts both speed and attack or should i have a hidden ability blaziken with speed boost?