Fusions and how they could be incorporated well

Fusions are thing that everyone loves to imagine and want in a game and they could be incorporated into the game by the Cult of Perfection in their quest to find the perfect being.

Ideas with Examples:

1.only a certain few pokemon can fuse because of DNA or something so that their is not an insane amount of fusions

EX: a Ninetails can fuse with a Luxray but cant fuse with a with a Absol despite Absol being able to fuse with Luxray as well

  1. only Deltas can fuse because they all have a common gene and screwed up DNA

EX: Delta Charizard can fuse with Delta Gallade after obtaining XX thing

  1. Perfection Cult fails in getting the Original Dragon but learns about how to fuse certain pokemon through experiments but are only able to take bits and pieces of certain pokemon and only certain pokemon can be the base and others can be replacements and only chhanging certain stats

EX: A Machamp can be a base and gain the Legs of a Lucario and increase it speed stat but lucario can only do this with Machamp and nothing else

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No plz. I personally don’t like Fusions nor do I think they are necessary. :confused:

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im just saying that it could be a fun thing to have in the game

Could work, but with all the other stuff going on in the game, i dont see it happening. We already have deltas, armor mons, and new megas. Cool Idea Though :smile:


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Fusions would be an interesting mechanic if balanced well. Came here to share this idea but OP beat me to it haha. After seeing this thread on reddit http://imgur.com/a/Hc62i

Interesting, but I doubt it would be incorporated into the game. That would probably change a bit of the story line.

Although people like fusions, I for one don’t. Most sprites look really weird in my opinion, while Deltas are sprited by great artists. Plus, we already have the delta function. Adding fusions would seem really odd.