Full screen?

im not sure what the deal is, but there needs to be full screen. reading through these posts, it seems like it was removed, but i can’t understand why.

not having it, leaves people like me and my 4k monitor looking at this tiny impossible to see window.

sure i could set it to a smaller resolution, but frankly that is BS. i am not going to change my resolution every time i want to play this game just to have to change it back when i am done.

i can’t even use the alt+enter method because that may make it full screen, but the game is still tiny and squeezed up in the top left.

Full Screen was removed from the game because it would often make it so the game could suffer bad graphical glitches that deemed it a less then worthwhile feature. It was something that had a bit of a strange implementation and current graphics turn out fine just because all graphics in the game are packed at x2 size for the Huge window size and any larger would make the the game download way more hefty then feasible for a 2d Fan Game.

so wait, I’m stuck with this size window?

Never mind i found the huge option lol