FT: Tons of 4IV Honedges

Trading Name: Mugwart

Offer: I have a ton of 4IV honedges, damn RNG wont give me a 5IV so i have a ton of extra 4 IV ones that i don’t need and maybe you guys may want

Request: Don’t really care, mostly giving them away

Further info: New to trading and this forum so please be patient with me :smiley:

This explains how to trade. I could breed you a 5IV honedge without egg moves. Do you have any preference for nature or gender?

oh i got it now man, thanks for asking and the help with trading though :slight_smile:

If you are just giving them away I could give you an iv stone for one honedge.

yeah sure that works. when can u be on? sorry for the late response btw

I can be on now my trade name is TheMightyPickaxe

Also sorry for the late reply as well for some reason it decided to give me the notification now.

alright hmu ill be on in a moment are u there?


alright hold up a moment im gonna get them out of the storage

ready for me to start the trade?

yea is your trade name your username here?

yeah it says above


ty dude :smiley:

Hey, could I get one of those 4iv honedges? Just say what you want

when can u be on

I can be on all day today, time zone GMT

Hello, I would like one if you still have any, Thank you.

u there right now?