FT : Starters + Their Megastones

Trading Name: 10shiro

Offer: Starters + Their Megastones

Currently, i have

  • Bold/Impish Eevee (Wish, Toxic) + Eevite [1 available]
  • Bold Clorophyll Bulbasaur (Suldge Bomb, Giga Drain, HP Fire) + Venusaurite [1 available]
  • Modest Rain Dish Squirtle (Muddy Water, Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse, Ice Beam) + Blastoisite [0 available]
  • Adamant Blaze Charmander (Dragon Dance, Outrage) + Charizardite Y [0 available]
  • Delta Bulbasaur + Delta Venusaurite [1 available]
  • Delta Squirtle + Delta Blastoisite [2 available]
  • Delta Charmander + Delta Charizardite [4 available]

Request: a shiny for each starter + its megastone…

Further info:

  • The non-delta starter’s will have 5IV-6IV, except bulbasaur will have IVs (31/even/31/30/31/30)
  • You may choose the nature of Delta Starter

not interested

not interested

Let me just clarify. You want any shiny pokemon, and the tradeoff is a starter+megastone? or you want a shiny starter in exchange for the starter+megastone?

i think its 1 shiny for each starter +megastone(the starter have ivs and egg move ) idk tho

i offer starter+megastone, and i request shiny in exchange

Hey do you still have that delta bulbasaur

Hey!, I have a Shiny EV Trained Charizard I’d like to trade for that Eveeite, If that’s okay,

Okay… tell me when u can trade

yeah, of course

ur bulbasaur + megastone for my shiny ferilagator?

If you don’t trade with slametapr i can offer a 6ivs modest venusaur + megastone with sludge bomb

whats ur venusaur’s level?

lvl 70

ok trade with me shadowY

are you on discordo?

still trade with me or no?

yes i still trade u slametapr

it failed with mariantensg

ok tell me what time u can trade and ur timezone