FT: Shiny Kecleon

Trading Name: Akeel

Offer: Shiny Kecleon

Request: Just show me an offer

Further info: Reason I’m trading this is it’s my first time trading so I just want to try it out. And I don’t really want a shiny Kecleon anyways :slight_smile:

Screenshot for proof http://imgur.com/a/YOo5i

What nature and what ability does it have? If it has a bad nature and color change, I’ll give you 2 bred mons.

Adamant and color change. (I don’t know where to get one with Protean)

I’ll accept those btw. Just tell me when you can trade.

You would have to go to a friend safari. What two mons would you like (and do you mind posting a picture of your trainer card)?

I’ve sent a screenshot of my trainer card and about those two mons, just surprise me

Btw. Can I get two mons plus 1 ditto with it? If it’s too much then I’ll just accept the two mons

Two Mons? Cheese wtf it’s a 1/50 chance mon

Well. To be honest I just like to try trading. hahaha

If you want I will trade you a bred Mon from my shop for an IV stone. You don’t have to trade this ultra rare shiny

Can I have a link to your shop Cow538. And what can I get for this?

Look up “Cow538 Mini Mart”

I found it. But i can’t seem to reply. When can u trade? I’d like 1 Froakie and 1 Torchic and 1 Beldum (Adamant) for my Kecleon. You already saw it right. Tell me if I asked for too much.

But wait! I’ll trade you three starter mega stones of your choice! That’s a value of at least 9 IV stones! Here’s a list you can choose from: Charizardite Y Blastoisinite Venusaurite Delta Charizardite Delta Blastoisinite Delta Venusaurite Eevite

Sure, and is jolly alright? For the beldum that is.

if you want will give you 10 iv stones and then you can just buy the shit from him or w.e and still have leftover. Hell could even offer you those 3 mons also lol have a bred froakie and torchik and since beldom is only ivs could breed one up to

k froakies ready and have the 8 iv stones just let me know. if you on the discord can just ping me there name is also stances over there

Lmao my bad forgot kecleon was a 1/50 chance. I’ll up my offer to 5 bred mons + 3 IV stones. EDIT: along with the ditto :stuck_out_tongue: