Trading Name: Mech45

Offer:A) male froakie modest nature 31iv special attack and speed B)i got some 31iv in speed/attack or both but not correct nature and some other froakies with rash/mild/brave/impish/hasty/bashful/docile/careful/adamant/quiet/calm/relaxed/sassy/naive/timid nature C) the bold/brave/lax/docile/quiet natures have ice beam as their moves

Request:A) female froakie modest/rash/mild nature 31iv special attack and speed B) 1 for 1 heart scale 3 C) 1 for 1 iv stones/2 heart scales

Further info:might be updated

you have a jolly one i need one with protean for one heart scale ?

ill try to get one

can u be online around the time i post this topic

im online now

i can be online i hope if dont overslept

i can be online by 10 am gmt

hey im afraid i might need more time since it is hard to hatch a jolly one since im using luck

You still want to do it ?

i cant trade anymore i got a test tommorow