FT: extra froakies

Trading Name: Mech45

Offer: froakies /w ice beam chose your nature i will try my best to get it

Request: other mons with 1 egg move

Further info:

Which nature do you want for synchronize? All natures?


Sure, lemme breed one real quick. I don’t need a froakie btw, any trashmon would do.

It’s ready, see you on discord?

Edit: trade complete.


Hey I have a ralts with synchronize? Still have any froakies? If so a timid nature would be great!


what is the nature of ur ralts btw

im ready

I have two: hasty or mild.

Sorry for the long response, had already went to bed


so when can u be my time is utc +8.00

I am also +8 utc, Philly. Never traded on insurgence before so bare with me. I can be online right now if you like

so can u be online about 5-6pm

This post explains how to trade.

Ready now if you are

btw i cant be online from 7.00-15.30

you online now?