FT: Charizardite Y

Trading Name: silent4panda

Offer: Charizardite Y

Request: Iv stones, leave ur offer

Further info:

how many iv stone do you conider a fair trade?

i just started recently so i dont know the price. do u mind offering a price please. thanks

3 iv stone

charizardite, is pretty rare, so i would consider it at least 4 IV stones

I’d offer 3 IV stones and a Girafarigite. or if you want, just 4 IV stones, your pick. When are you online? Edit: Trade completed

hmm…alright. ill take it. 3 iv and girafarigite.

when will you be online? what’s your name on discord so we can chat there?

ill be online from now and for the next 12hours i think. but ill check the post every so often

are you online right now?

ill offer a shiny scraggy