Frontier brain xenis

Character Name: frontier brain xenis

Character Description: he was a spoiled child as a kid and his dad always gave him shiny mons. He felt as if he woukd never amount to his dad. He got raised and cursed in egypt so he has a mummy lke body. He also likes to change his mega occaisonally. He has red eyes and his aces are the regi rocks. He runs a mummy team

Pokémon on Team: Donphan 107 donphanite fissure agility earthquake stomp. Regirock delta and non delta 111. Non delta, hard stone rock throw super power curse rock tomb. Delta- lim berry sandstorm curse recover sand tomb. Delta reuniclus- 109 phantom force curse rollout ominous wind. Luka the delta lucario 110 delta lucarionite-payback close combat swords dance earthquake. Darkrai 109- dark rock new moon dark void dream eater punishment

Battle Frontier Facility Style (of the 4 choices listed on rules.): battle pyramid

Art/Design Examples (If any):