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Frontier Brain Tyrone

Character name: Tyrone

Character description:

Tyrone is an archaeologist known for studying ancient ruins and the extinct Pokémon depicted within them, both the real ones and and those created by the ancient people who built the ruins. He’s a kind man who is often unintentionally condescending towards children, but battling is also great a passion of his, and so he takes it and his opponents very seriously. He believes that holding back has no place in a battle, but he is not above offering advice before and after the battle, although he will not reveal the battling styles of his colleagues. He likes to think that he’s funny, and sometimes, he is, but more often than not, his jokes are so bad that they’re good, or people laugh just to make him feel better. The three Pokémon that he chooses to fight with are his close partners, and they have been together since he was a child. He is a tall, muscular, yet slim middle-aged man with bright red hair that reaches his waist, stubble on his chin, pale skin and deep blue eyes. He always wears a dark brown cowboy hat with a black around it and a silver buckle at the front. He also wears loose dark brown trousers, black boots, and a brown vest with multiple pockets down the front. Outside of battle, he’s always smiling brightly, but that all disappears in the heat of battle. Despite his tough nature, he’s an intelligent man, and he cannot stand criminals, injustice or cheating. He accepts a legitimate loss with good grace, though.

Pokémon or team: (please note that some of these moves are learned via TM)

Steelix (can Mega Evolve). Ability: Rock Head. Moves: Double-Edge, Earthquake, Iron Tail and Smack Down.

Sigilyph. Ability: Wonder Skin. Moves: Psychic, Air Slash, Synchronoise and Hypnosis.

Carracosta. Ability: Solid Rock. Moves: Hydro Pump, Aqua Tail, Ice Beam and Earthquake.

Battle Frontier Facility Style: Battle Pyramid

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