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Frontier Brain Tenzin

Character Name: Tenzin

Character Description:

Tenzin is a traveler from a very faraway region to the east of Torren. He’s the gym leader of Ginjer Village, a town renowned for being at the base for Mt. Everon. Tenzin has lived in the shadow of the ultra-high mountain his whole life, so he is accustomed to being challenged mostly by wealthy hikers coming from around the world to summit the legendary peak. He knows Everon better than anyone else and is always willing to guide someone…if they defeat him in battle. He’s come to Torren to meet fellow battlers and visit some of Torren’s mountainous landscapes.

Personality-wise, Tenzin is mostly calm. However, in the rare case he is angry, he is filled with rage like a volcano. He is always willing to battle challengers and guide them up the mountain if they defeat him, but he is usually skeptical of rich snobs who spend heaps of money to show off. He loves his village and his people and is willing to protect them no matter what. His father died guiding a hiker when Tenzin was in his teens, and he usually refuses to talk about it.

Tenzin is in his late 20s, with short black hair and suntanned skin from hiking through snow year-round. He’s tall, thin, and gaunt, but he is strong from carrying heavy loads. He usually just wears hiking pants, hiking boots, and a grey jacket with a red fleece underneath. He wears sunglasses over his brown eyes and wears a warm hat.

Pokémon on Team:
His ace is his trusty Mega Donphan which he uses to carry much of the stuff used when climbing.
His team is made up of ice, ground, and rock types:

Mega Donphan
Delta Scolipede

Battle Frontier Facility Style (of the 4 choices listed on rules.):

Battle Hall, so that all challengers to FB Tenzin have proved themselves by battling the trainers before him.

Art/Design Examples (If any):
No art, sorry :pensive: