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Frontier Brain Sam

Character Name: Samantha Rose

Character Description:
She has a Walnut Skin tone; tan with neutral undertones, blue eyes, freckles, curly dark brown hair. She doesn’t have a petite frame, but she is short for her size and has the ability for acrobatics. So like strong and capable but not muscular…
She wears Earthy Green robes that are tied off at her arms, the robe hood is down and is split at the front and end abruptly so you can see she’s wearing dark baggy pants. She has a glove on her right hand and seems to be wearing dark armaments (shoulderpads, maybe a multi-piece chestplate that leaves room for the green to show though) over her robes.
Also she is a mute so she has a bandana around her neck/mouth. I feel like the “…” is over used so her “chat line” would be something similar to “She stares at you intently”

I have a bunch of lore, but it doesn’t fit well into the PKMN universe.

Pokémon on Team:
I don’t know how well these will do with an AI, so you may have to tweak them a bit.

Cofagrigus (Mummy) [Red Card] first
Toxic Spikes
Pain Split
Knock Off

Delta Lucario (Pressure) [Delta Lucarionite]
Fire Punch
Knock Off
Stone Edge

Gliscor (Poison Heal) [Toxic orb]
Sword Dance

Delta Greninja (Prankster) [Life Orb] Ace
Energy Ball
Heat Wave

Aegislash (Stance Change) [Leftovers]
Kings Shield
Swords Dance
Sacred Sword

Delta Golurk (Guts) [Flame Orb]
Power-up Punch
Drain Punch
Stone Edge

Battle Frontier Facility Style (of the 4 choices listed on rules.): Battle Pyramid

Art/Design Examples (If any): I’ve been meaning to draw her…