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Frontier Brain Poet

Character Name:
Frontier Brain Poet

Character Description:
The Poet (or just Poet if you can’t be bothered to say one additional syllable) is an eccentric young man filled with delusions of grandeur and greater purpose. He is a difficult one for conversations, either scribbling madly in his notebook, or distracted and lost in a world of his own. During the rare occurrences when Poet is aware of the situation at hand, he is immensely focused and calculating. A truly intimidating foe in battle.

Poet’s attire consists of his signature vertically striped crimson and charcoal colored suit (with matching top hat), his infamous long, luscious, curly hair, and a comically old-fashioned quill pen. His normal stance has his left hand on his hip, his right leg crossed in front of his left, and his quill held up to his mouth while he is deep in thought.

Poet just sort of…showed up one day at the Battle Frontier, and no one could get him to leave the Battle Arena, through forceful or other methods. Because of this, the people decided to make him the official Frontier Brain of the Battle Arena. To this day, nobody knows the true origin of Poet. All that is known are the vague references he makes to things that remind him of home, such as the Arena itself. One of the few facts that IS well known about Poet, is that he is an avid fan of classical music, always playing it in the background of the Arena.

Pokémon on Team:
I do not claim to be a pokemon master, so any pokemon or moves may be up for debate
Mega Delta Gallade*
*If Delta pokemon are not allowed, Gallade may be substituted
** If legendaries are not allowed, Roserade may be substituted

Battle Frontier Facility Style:
Battle Arena

Art/Design Examples:
Unfortunately, I have the artistic ability of a toddler with finger paint, so I can not personally provide any art examples.