Frontier Brain Pake Jaul

Character Name: Pake Jaul

Character Description: He works on a site called poketube where he uploads weird videos of him doing stuff to him pokeman he sometim get yel at fur not beng good to hes pokemon :c so now he does not no wut to do and goes to the insurgence region oh he is also a robit he’s cute 2 lol xd he gets so many gfs (Likw pyveltal) so hot wow rite?

Pokémon on Team: random becuse he is so random

Battle Frontier Facility Style (of the 4 choices listed on rules.): pyramid

Art/Design Examples (If any):image


This is an extremely lovely application it is on par with the greats such as the Mona Lisa


Never seen anything this gorgeous before other than Shrek the anime.

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i have no words…just…bravo!!!

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Is this loss?

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This is beauty

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I’m… stunned. Amazed really. Is this the ultimate potential of both creative writing and art?

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can i date him


Excuse me, I’m the only one who gets to cheat in this relationship.

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Share him :+1:

put in game or riot.

youre fired

What… the… heck…:expressionless:


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