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Frontier Brain Painkiller

Character Name: Painkiller

Character Description: Shy but levelheaded metalhead from Johto. She is somewhere in her early twenties. Her black long black hair falls aside her blue eyes down to her pale skin.
She loves wearing long black coats but at the same time is constantly self-conscious about it. She really likes walks around forests and mountains where there is usually only pokemon.
Most of the time she has headphones on for music, this also helps her not to constanly think what others are thinking of her. Though sometimes when falling too deep into the music she
can accidentally start jamming out and after realizing what has happened, even if there had not been any one around her, gets embarrassed. She doesn’t like dealing much with people but
will do it if it is needed.

She was born in Blackthorn City in Johto. She spent her childhood wandering around the mountains and caves while listening to music. One day while wondering around Ice Path she came across
a trainer from far away region who was trying to release a pokemon that just refused, like it didn’t want to be left alone. She really didn’t really want to comfort because a person
who is trying to force pokemon to leave cannot be good, right? So she went hiding, but apparently the pokemon saw her and started running to her. The trainer seemed satisfied and turned
away but now Painkiller was in contact with this strange blue pokemon that first started jumping up and down in front of her and then grapped her leg. Painkiller tried to shake it off but as she saw
other pokemon closing on the them, she started walking towards her home town. During this whole endeavor the small pokemon was constantly holding on to her leg and keeping it’s eye shut.
After reaching Blackthorn, Painkiller headed straight to her home and then straight to her room. There the pokemon finally let go of her leg and started looking around the place, finally
climbing to her bed and falling asleep.
Years went by and she and the pokemon, that she now had named Sally, had grown closer. They spent their days together and when Sally evolved and seemed to create small apetitte for
battle. After seeing that Sally couldn’t have enough at Blackthorn, she decided to get out of her comfort zone and take try to see if she could try to defeat at least some of the gyms.
They decided to leave through Ice Path and when they came out they had a small sneasel with them that had joined forces with them. With the three of them they got through three gyms before
they arrived to Olivine City and through some accidents they ended up on a boat towards Torren.
When they arrived at Torren they didn’t have a way back nor anywhere to go. Painkiller and the co. just started wandering around and not wanting to comfort strange people she grew more and
more panicky. Which all ended with them inside a volcano and being attacked by pokemon. Sally and Sneasel were already down but then an odd lairon saved them and helped them out of the
volcano. It also seemed to be very concerned of Painkiller and co. so it decided by itself to make sure they were kept safe.
Some months passed and Sally and Sneasel evolved, with Lairon following them soon. They spent most of their time in Deyraan Town training and avoiding as many people as possible, aside
from the nights they spent in pokemon center.

She also might have had a crush on Clair in Blackthorn City, but was way too shy to do anything about it. And now on Yuki, but again same shyness keeps her far away from her.

Pokémon on Team: (I take it that it’s by Emerald rules aka 3 pokemon)

  1. (Starts with) (F)Delta Aggron
    Ability: Heavy Metal
    Nature: Brave
    EVs: HP 106 / Attack 252 / Defence 219
    Item: Assault Vest

Heavy Slam
Draco Jet
Flame Wheel

  1. (F)Weavile
    Ability: Pickpocket
    Nature: Jolly
    EVs: HP 4 / Attack 252 / Speed 252

Night Slash
Ice Shard
Icicle Crash
Giga Impact(Last resort)

  1. (Ace) (F)Salamence/Sally
    Nature: Jolly
    Ability: Intimidate/Aerilate
    EVs: Attack 252 / Sp.Def 4 / Speed 252
    Item: Salamencite

Dragon Claw
Draco Jet
Giga Impact

Battle Frontier Facility Style (of the 4 choices listed on rules.): Battle Arena