Frontier Brain Marcus

Character Name: Marcus

Character Description: An eccentric man that is exited for every new challenger. Calls himself the toughest Frontier brain but admits that he isn’t after you beat him. Only calms down once you beat him. Says he helped design the Battle frontier. Great strategist. Loves to battle. Is very mischievous, and likes to trick people, especially the person he’s battling. Still believe’s the first Auger is alive, and after you beat him, you tell him where he is, and Marcus reveals he was a good friend of Adam, and just wants to see him again. (maybe Adam can give an item to Marcus or something???) (Appearance): Has a long golden suit with a black undershirt. black hair. Black skin color.

Pokémon on Team: Exploud, shedninja, Lanturn, D.Aggron(Maybe), Mega girafarig, and Torterra.

Battle Frontier Facility Style (of the 4 choices listed on rules.): Battle Pyramid.

Art/Design Examples (If any): I cant think of any right now. maybe i will find one later.

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neat, thanks for the submission!

Nice. I like that he is an old friend of Adam’s.