Frontier Brain Katrina

Character Name: Katrina

Character Description: Katrina used to live at a small village in the Johto region. However one day a powerful hurricane struck the region, Katrina and her parents were the first casualties of the horrific storm. However the Legendary pokemon Lugia took pity on the young girl and revived her while lending her a feather, granting her slight powers over wind and fog. After this incident she became a pokemon trainer, having interest in Flying and Water type pokemon, when training with her pokemon she accidentally blasted her Togepi with wind and caused a severe injury to it’s forehead, Katrina was crushed, seemingly losing another true friend. However she eventually healed togepi and trained the rest of her team based on her mood. Afterwards, Katrina promised to fulfill her parent’s wishes and join the frontier brains of the Battle Pyramid.
Her mood can rapidly change at an instant, changing from gloomy and ignorant to wild and aggressive like a thunder storm, and so does her team.

Current age: 14
Hair: (On sprite)
Outfit: (On sprite)
Skin tone: (On sprite)
Eye Color: (On sprite)
Pokémon on Team: (Leads with Snuggles)

Battle Frontier Facility Style (of the 4 choices listed on rules.): Battle Pyramid

Art/Design Examples (If any): image-2-1%20(1) image-2-1%20(1)-1%20(1)

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