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Frontier Brain Jack

Character Name: Jack

Character Description: His true name is Ytyx. Jack is an alias which he came up with once he learned our language. He is a being who has lived for many, many years in the Distortion world alnongside Nyx. He then parted ways with her when he stepped into a tear in dimensions created by Shaymin when it first came into being (it had just learned seed flare and did not know how powerful it was) and he came into our realm. Since he has been in our realm for such a long time, he has the ability to change his appearance to match that of a human. He has long black hair and a Fu-Manchu mustache. He does not wear a T-shirt/shirt but wears a Hakama (Google it). He has tattoos that depict the story of Giratina and Arceus all over his body. Although he has lived in our world for a long time, he felt all alone in this world becuse nobody shared his love for the occult. His best friend is a Salamence which he had once saved when it was still a Bagon and have been friends ever since. When he meets the player, he says the following - “Aren’t you this Region’s savior? She and I used to be friends. But she got greedy and lost. But, congratulations on making it here. Lets have a good fight.” (I couldn’t come up with something he would say after he mentioned “her”. Please change the text to make it way better than how I have worded it to be).

Pokémon on Team:
Salamence - Mega - Jolly/Adamant
Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Return

Gyarados - Jolly - Moxie - Leftovers
Earthquake, Waterfall, Dragon Dance, Outrage

Gigalith - Adamant - Sandstream - Wide Lens
Rock Slide, Earthquake, Curse, Heavy Slam

Magnezone - Quiet - Analytic - Shuca Berry
Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon, Hidden Power (Water), Electroweb

Chandelure - Modest - Flame Body - Assault Vest
Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Overheat (Use better moves if possible)

Electivire - Adamant - Vital Spirit - Choice Scarf
Wild Charge, Earthquake, Ice Punch, Brick Break

Battle Frontier Facility Style (of the 4 choices listed on rules.):
Battle Hall

Art/Design Examples (If any):
Unfortunately, I don’t own the art. But I would guess he looks something like Kaidou from One Piece.