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Frontier Brain Hani

Character Name: Hani Fullton

Character Description: Hani is a well dressed girl having come from from a far off region where wealth determined status. She is short, at only 4’11" with her long brown hair kept up into twintails. Her style of wear usually involves long dresses and high heels to give off a mature look, however she is prone to wearing frilly skirts, small bows and Tinker Bell-esqe shoes befitting of her childish appearance. She’s a soft-spoken girl around strangers, whenever Hani gets to know the strangers, she lets her voice be heard and opens up.

Pokémon on Team: Tyranitar Mega Eevee Delta Luxray

Battle Frontier Facility Style (of the 4 choices listed on rules.): Battle Hall

Art/Design Examples (If any): None sadly

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