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Frontier Brain Gianluca

(Posting this for the character owner who has had problems making an account.)

Character Name: Gianluca

Character Description: male with green eyes, white skin with a partial tan but not too dark, brown hair. Wears a black t shirt with a tear at the bottom towards the left side, he would have gloves on and a hoodie wrapped around his waist. The trousers would be blue and they would be denim, with the ends just starting to go over a pair of black sneakers.

Pokémon on Team: delta Gallade, Samurott, Arcanine

Battle Frontier Facility Style (of the 4 choices listed on rules.): battle arena

Art/Design Examples (If any): N.A.

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Hey there, I finally managed to create an account and i really like to say a huge thanks to Lunar for making this for me, I have also got a backstory which i would like to share about my character. He grew up with a mother and father and they were both very strong trainers and both owe very powerful Pokèmon. It had come to his tenth birthday when he (my created trainer) received a Delta Ralts from him parents . They went out for the day to Helios City as his birthday treat and it got later into the day when a fan of his parents went to get their autograph. As they were signing the picture his parents went to collect their bags and he dropped his Pokèball by accident and rolled towards the fountain. All of a sudden he was pushed straight into the fountain and someone was forcing him down and he tried all his strength but couldn’t move. When they released him he passed out for a couple of minutes and caught a glimpse of two people running of. When he regained consciousness he was surrounded by dozens of people and he had no idea why until he looked over to see his parents covered up by hospital sheets and their belongings next to them. He had no one to grow up with then, he went back to his house and barricaded the door and no one saw him exit the house for two years. When someone saw him leave the house after those two years, his personality had changed and he was determined to train his Pokèmon day and night to get revenge on whoever killed his parents. He used his parents Samurott and Arcanine. His parents also owned many other Pokèmon like Porygon Z, Magnezone, Aggron, Snorlax and Talonflame but he saw more potential in Samurott and Arcanine. He went round challenging all the gyms multiple times before moving on to the next and managed to defeat the champion. He didn’t want the title though, he just kept on challenging his Pokèmon until he found the killers and defeated them for himself. The Elite 4 got together with other strong trainers such as Red and Cynthia, there were more as well. They finally thought of an answer and they make him a battle frontier member. The only thing was Unova and Kalos didn’t have one, Hoenn’s was still under construction and all the others were full. They would make him of Torren’s but it was also full so they said that if he could beat the battle frontier’s leader with three Pokèmon when the frontier brain had six. He emerged victorious and his Pokèmon barely took damage so they decided to take him in even though he’d be the youngest yet being at the age of 15.

I have also planned out the moves for each of my Pokèmon, so i guess, here they are… I would gave delta Gallade holding it’s mega stone with the moves, Thunderbolt, Calm Mind, Focus Blast and Icicle Crash. Samurott would be next holding leftovers and would have Ice Beam, Toxic, Surf and Swords Dance. For my final Pokèmon it would be Arcanine holding a dragon gem. It’s moves would consist of Outrage, Flamethrower, Solar Beam and Toxic. I’m doing this so if i do win, probs not gonna happen but it will let all that effort into making the backstory a waste, but it saves time when constructing the team in game.

Running a special Delta Gallade. Interesting.

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