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Frontier Brain Fiamma

Character Basics

Name: Fiamma
Gender: Female
Age: 19

Character Description

Appearance/Personality: Pale and petite, Fiamma seems as if she is the perfect noble girl you’d see sipping tea in some rich castle courtyard. Her sleek golden-brown hair comes to a stop a bit below her shoulders, it lays straight naturally and glows in the sunlight. Her lovely eyes resemble a peridot, a beautiful pale green gem. Despite her gentle lady-like features she absolutely hates girl things. Therefore she would rather be caught dead then wear a skirt or dress. Thus, she sports a casual beige sweater and dark navy blue jeans. Around her neck is a necklace with a key for a charm. It is important to her, though she is unsure where to find the door it is meant to open. Her late sister, Faye, gave it to her before she passed away from unknown illness. Giving her the key, and instructions on where to use it. But how in the world do you use a key to heal? Also, it would’ve been helpful to know what it was meant to ‘heal’. Oh, and as to where it’s used, it was unspecific in location. “Where the moon ceases to sing.”

Additional Information

Pokémon on Team:
This is something I’ve yet to do, so if I do not finish in time, please do whatever.
Battle Frontier Facility Style: Pyramid