Frontier Brain Ela

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Name: Ela

Character Description(Appearance): Ela has long, brown hair tied into two ponytails, along with a flower crown on her head - consisting of light yellow, orange flowers and a red rose in the middle, where her megastone was located. She has brown eyes and white skin colour, slightly bleaker because of her often staying indoors before. She wears a casual white shirt, with a golden locket along with a short, blue skirt. To that, she wears black shoes and semi-visible socks. She also carries a camera around with her, often carried in her right hand. She’s also quite thin and small - the height of a 7th grader at most.

Character Description(Personality): Ela is often classified by her friends as the ‘social butterfly’: always happy, always wanting to help others and always trying to break fights - even if it resulted in her getting a bruise or two. She was often called out because of her height, which caused her to stay indoors most of the times - resulting in her skin being more white than normal. She often says that she regrets not fighting back for herself and just taking the easy route. She loves taking photos - her entire room is filled with photos of pokemon, plants, buildings and her friends. That’s why she’s always carrying a camera around - so she can capture every moment that she sees, and perhaps even capture some of the events that she has missed due to her staying inside. Her Pokemon Team is often considered weak, but Ela often just ignores those comments. The reason why she battles is for fun - and the reason why she battles with her team is that they are her best friends. Fact, she doesn’t like losing, but she would never think of replacing any of her partners only to win. The first Pokemon that joined her team was her Mother’s Eevee, who she has known since her youth and were inseparable - one always following the other. Her Zorua was next, who she has captured as she slowly started to expand her boundaries and investigate the nearby plains and forests. The last, still rather new to her team, is her Delta Maractus - who she found on the streets, alone and abandoned. Despite her being quite friendly and outgoing, she’s a hot head - often rushing in without further consideration of the consequences. She also hates being ignored, to which she often replies with annoying poking at the person that’s ignoring her or just butting in into other people’s conversations. She can also be annoying if something doesn’t go against her plans, for example, a sudden loss in a battle, but she will pull up the right face to the situation.

Pokemon on Team:

Delta Maractus

Item: Air Baloon

Ability: Trace

Moves: Discharge, Flash Cannon, Toxic, Calm Mind



Item: Eevite

Ability: Adaptability

Moves: Calm Mind, Moonblast, Psyshock, Ice Beam



Item: Focus Sash

Ability: Illusion

Moves: Sucker Punch, U-turn, Focus Blast, Taunt

(Moves, Abilities and Items are free for change if they are too easy to defeat, Pokemons too but try not to change the Delta Maractus ^^ ) Battle Frontier Facility Style: Factory

If there is anything that needs changing or needs to be clarified, just say a word ^^ Good Luck everyone!

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