Fronteir Brain Lenai

Character Name: Lenai

Character Description(Appearance): Lenai has short black hair that is mostly covered by his bucket hat with dodrio head designs going around it. He is considered normal height for a boy of 12 and is normal weight if not a little skinny. He has dark brown eyes and a slightly dark brown skin. He wears and orange robe that is a little too big for him and he also has small blue shoes (which are “monk” shoes).

Character Description(Personality): You can never catch lenai without a smile on his face, either with wide eyes or closed ones. People call him a bundle of pure joy and he will make friends with anyone. Lenai is always looking for fun even in dangerous places because he is oblivious to any for of misdemeanor which always seems to get him into trouble some way somehow, but oddly he gets out of it before he gets caught. Due to his shaolin background he is naturally patient and not unwilling to wait a while to think about his next move in battle but only to a certain extent. Like every kid Lenai gets bored really easily and has a short attention span and isnt seen in one place for too long. No matter what Lenai has a kind heart and will go out of his way to help anyone in need.

Pokémon on Team:
Leavanny (armor or sash) Sticky Web, Leaf Blade, X Scissor, Swords Dance (always lead)
Delta Sceptile Dragon Dance, Outrage, High Jump Kick, Poison Jab (Roseli Berry)
Milotic (Milotite) Scald, Recover, Refresh, Moonblast

Battle Frontier Facility Style (of the 4 choices listed on rules.): Battle Hall

Art/Design Examples (If any): Lenai_Kobu

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