Frogadier Hidden Ability (Protean)

Trading Name: Grigg

Offer: nothing special

Request: Frogadier with Protean

Further info:Does sb know where I can catch it? The Friend Safari info on WIki is old

Happy Birthday

Doyou have at least 6 gym badges? Frogadier is in the second slot so you can’t get it in Friend Safaris until then.

yes I have. I tried A-Kill in Friends Safari. It didn´t connect… I use 1.2.3. Version

And I can´t connect to Cow538´s Safari either But it seems like i can trade

Cow538 call me if you´re online. Thx for the Frogadier

Yeah, ready. What’s your tradename?

should be Grigg

Send the request now.


It won´t connect… I just have the rainbow screen without any messages

Damn. Do you have a firewall or something that could be preventing you from accessing the online features?

I hope not I deactivated my AntiVir.Prog. now Have you still some time left?

Try going to A-Kill’s safari first.

Still the rainbowscreen for minutes… Thanks for you effort and time :slight_smile:

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