Frisk ability

Trading Name: Roku97

Offer: I don´t have much at this moment

Request: A pokemon with the ability frisk

Further info: I´m early at the game and I´m gonna get mad if I don´t get a thick club for once.

I even trained a Butterfree I caught so its ability compound eyes would help me to find this item but it seems impossible. I´ve already caught like 20 cubones and the item won´t appear. If someone was willing to help me I´d be so thankful. Thanks in advance.

You still looking for thick club?

No, luckily I found one right after I made this post :slight_smile: But I´m still interested on a pokemon with the frisk ability.

let me find a sentret then or gothita

Thanks dude, much appreciated

sorry life stuff happening got gothorita with frisk

ok, we can make the trade whenever you want, but as I said I only have shitty pokemon to offer but I´ll give you a good item instead. Tell me your trading name when you´re ready.

no prob its free i just like to help out True_DK is trade name

good, lemme log in

Thanks for your kindness sir.

no prob

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