I have just obtained Delta Budew, and I would like to get it high happiness without leveling it up. It learns more moves as a Roseraid, so I want it to evolve as soon as possible. Are there any good ways to get happiness for pokemon without leveling up? I have a Soothe Bell, and I have tried walking around a lot, but it doesn’t seem to have done much.

Thank you very much!

It is nighttime, but it is still not working. Does it need to level up in a battle? I’m trying to use rare candies but nothing happens.

When you talk to it, you can determine the amount of friendship it currently has by what it says:

Less than 50 is "hates travelling"
50-100 is "undecided"
100-150 is "is happy traveling"
150-200 is "loves travelling"
200+ is “loves nothing more than travelling”

It should say “loves nothing more than travelling with” you. Most pokemon requiring friendship evolve at around 220 happiness/friendship.

Night time is counted as 8 pm to 6 am iirc.

where is pumped and raring to go?

that’s not for friendship

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