Friend safari larvitar or pupitar!

Hello everyone (not really just the ones that clicked on the title). I’m new to the forums and i was wondering if Anyone has larvitar/pupitar please share name and let me capture it <3

“Mrc” and “Mitsuki” have Pupitars in their friend safari, but it is a 3rd tier pokemon and you need all 6 gym badges to get them.

(You can find all the available pokemon in the friend safaris and owners of friend safaris with them here)

The last guy is right, you can only get it from friend safaris after the 6th badge. However there are wild larvitars in Samsara cave, and they are quite common

Check out this list It lists every pokemon available in friend safaris. The third slot gets unlocked by beating the 6th gym

I have not beat all of the gyms (i’m on the second gym right now). So no one hase a larvitar or pupitar as their first or second pkm, is that what you guys are saying?