Friend safari bugged?

When I try to enter the online portion of the friend safari, it gives me the message “Your version is outdated…” Also, I’m unable to encounter pokemon in my own friend safari. I’m on patch 1.2.3, is there a newer patch that I just can’t find or is there something else wrong?

If you’re using the launcher, download 1.2.3 core manually; if you already did it manually it might be due to incorrect patching or incomplete download/extraction.

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There is a patch only available on Discord

That’s 1.2.4 though, online features still work in 1.2.3, hasn’t been locked out since 1.2.4 is just a test run.

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I’m on the discord and can’t find the download for 1.2.4. And is there any other reason this problem might be showing up?

It’s pinned in #Pokemon_General