Friend battle in challenge mod

Is there a way that i can battle my friend while we are in challenge runs. We both are in the same challenge run ( egglocke and nuzlocke challenge). So we thought that after every gym battle we battle each other 1v1 battle. So pls if there is some way to enable this we will be thankful.

BTW love the game and it’s story can’t wait for it to be finished.

Ingame battles do not work as they are supposed to be. Besides that I don’t think you are able to access trading and battling in challenge run (Egglocke & Randomizer).

You might consider battling on the Battle Simulator instead, as you can make your team exactly how it is in your game.

Hope this helps you out.

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Thank you for the help. :smile:

It’s only the egglocke challenge en the randomizer that do not allow trading. But yes, at the moment battling is still too buggy to be usable.

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