Friday wonder box trade

Every friday i breed a box full of mons to wonder trade what should I do next time.
I dont have every mon but i will try to find the most popular ones if i dont have it
Deltas included

why not shiny hunt every friday

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wait, u r going to trade?

I dont really care that much for shiny hunting.
and also i remember when i first started playing i tried wonder trading and i got a delta male ralts which was really cool so i would like to do that for other people

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cool so u will be wonder trading . say the time and i will be wonder trading that time too

11:00AM PST
My country is in a weird timezone

ooh noo its 10 pm will go to sleep at that time
since have to wake up early saturday

I could also do it at 7:00 Am PST

ok but lol itz your wish i just wanted to see if i can wonder trade with a guy i know is wonder trading at that time…(makes sense :sweat_smile:)

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7:00 PST is a better time for me anyway

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