Freeze Shock Under the effect of New Moon

Hi guys, first time posting on the forums here. I recently decided to search up the effects of the new moves and abilities introduce in Pokemon Insurgence, and I noticed that the Wiki states that the power of Freeze Shock is reduced by 70% under the effect of New Moon. I found this quite strange. Can anyone explain to me why Freeze Shock is even reduced in power in the first place, and why then to such a huge extent? All the other effects feel reasonable and logical.


its not their first game :stuck_out_tongue: zeta and omicron were also suzerains work , and about the weather condition reducing so much it could be an error or something that makes you interested in trying their new things out

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I am not sure if it’s right but you can assume that in new moon there is a moon and no clouds so there will be really less chances of shocking moves so maybe instead of decreasing accuracy of move power they chose to decrease power.

Synthesis because there is no sunlight, moonlight is reduced because it’s a new moon; no moonlight, if it were Full Moon then it would increase moonlight, it makes sense to reduce both.

uhm okay wow, that was kind of condescending. We as a team are no younger tha nthe majority of the fangame community, and many of us have multiple games of experience in terms of developing :confused:

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well yeah, it’s just a bug. No reason behind it.

Oh. Are you one of the developers? Sorry if I seemed rude, I just wanted to point something out