Free shiny scizor

Trading Name: cow538


Request: guess its name, level, and gender to win

Further info: hint: the level is 16 and it is female

Name: Scizor, Level: 16, Gender: female (haha, let’s try this one first)

Clips or Castrate or Circumscizor. level 16. Female



oh wow :smiley: I can trade anytime, my trade name is Veronicandy

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thx xD it was a long shot but yay

Let’s go later today

@narrint you can have one too if you want:

np just ping me when you can come online to trade :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, congrats you guys!

you can have this one @hoosier

Woah! Thanks. I’m online now if you want to trade.

Wow really? Thank you. Just let me know when you’ll be online

Have any more?

Ah, I’m late :frowning: Congrats to all though!

Congrats to @Hoosier and @Candy!

u can have this

@Hoosier @narrint @Candy can trade now

@Cow538 give me shinies thx

yup I can, my trade name is Veronicandy

1 second Cheese555