Free pokemon pls

Trading Name: Frokieforlife

Offer: i have literally nothing

Request: A strong pokemon for free

Further info: none

Maybe I can give you one regular pokemon, but by “strong”, do you mean “level” or “species”? If it is level, how many badges do you have? If it is species, strong means OU tier or high base stats?

nothing really matters, altough a did just lose my delta munchlax in a game crash, so if that could be replace it’d be great, but anything by level is fine (All 6 badges)

Bulky Grass, huh? I can get you a Ferrothorn

oh, i meant an actual delta munchlax, but ferothorn could be cool too

My ferrothorn has 1 IV speed with negative nature. Curse + Gyro Ball combo will definitely hurt anything not Fire. Who are you in Discord?