Found this while Shiny hunting

To bad i was looking for a modest Eevee, still looks amazing :sweat_smile:

Wow, that is a sexy color scheme

It surely is, but, what about this:


nice but the second one though :expressionless:

ikr :laughing:

If you don’t want the second one, I’m always here :smiley:

Noted for future possibilities :wink:

umm if its up for trades i have a shiny castform…?

What safari are you farming?

too bad, at least you found something though

It was Lesss normal type safari, it has Eevee (the one im looking for), Sentret and of course Zangoose :ok_hand:

I don’t think this should be in team discussion

And now that im paused with the Eeevee hunting (got bored) and decided to explore some of the breeding mechanics and of course decided to start with something easy, my goal: a timid/flash fire/5 IV Typhlosion with Extrasensory, so first thing i go hunting a nice female HA Quilava, but instead found this:

Not that im complaining, it will look so handsome in my collection but it wont be my wanted goal :ok_hand:

can i trade your zangoose for a shiny castform?

Rigth now im not looking to trade any of these shinies, but when the time comes i will post it in the corresponding forum :innocent:

ok :grin: