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Fossil Pokemon

Trading Name: Arccy123

Offer: Fossil Pokemon

Request: Any Pokemon

Further info:I don’t have shinies

you mean litteraly any pokemon? like even ratata or just like any ok pokemon

If ratata it has to be youngster joey’s

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Any ok pokemon

you ok with beedrill?


k im not online rn tho

ok when can you trade?

well i dont know if you have school tomorrow(if you do tell me and when you can get online) but i have early release so maybe around 2pm

i don’t have school tomorrow
2pm is fine

i’m online right now

but my cousin is coming tomorrow (we know we both don’t have covid) so it might get delayed but im going for 2pm

today or tomorrow?


ok sure

Bet…joey’s ratata

his is the out of the percentage of ratata its to hard to get like legendary hard

His rattata is in the top percentage of all rattatas in existence


today i have fought joeys shiny ratata lv.50 with a lv.70 dragonite and lost :c

just kidding i just used outrage and it died lol