For artists/spriters only

Complete Title: A unoffical friendly competition (for artists/spriters only)

Instructions: I will give you 1 Pokemon with a bizarre typing, and a theme to go along with it. (creepy, cute, etc.) You can post more than one for insurance. However, you have a max of 3 different versions of the pokemon that you can post. Most of these types are conflicting and I want to see both of them at play here.

Prize: You get… BRAGGING RIGHTS! (since this is friendly and not serious) However, if a non-competitor would like to give participation prizes, I’d be 100% okay with that. But I have nothing to give.

Point System: For each task, 1st place = 3 points, 2nd place = 2 points, 3rd place = 1 point.

Deadline: You have one week to complete each one, so the first task starts 6/21 and ends 6/28, the second starts 6/29 and ends 7/5, and the last one starts 7/6 and ends 7/12. They all start at 12am and end at 11:59pm.

[First task] Theme: Fast & cute, Pokemon: Snorlax and/or Rhyperior, Typing: Electric/Fire
[Second Task] Theme: Slow & creepy, Pokemon: Jolteon and/or Sylveon, Typing: Ghost/Poison
[Third Task] Will be revealed 7/10.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to check back for new tasks!


Quick question - How should entries be posted? Should the entries be posted as comments to this thread, or as their own separate thing?

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Good Question! Own separate thing. Message me separately. I am using reply for posting winners. Make sure you guys turn on notifications so you know when I post an update. Thank you for asking that question, @sphealigon-XIV, very important.

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We have 1 submission so far! Remember you artists have until 11:59 on 6/28 to finish this competition. The next task will be revealed soon. MAKE SURE YOU TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS FOR MORE ALERTS GOING INTO THIS COMPETITION. This is crucial to making sure that you don’t miss a deadline.

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The Next task is posted! You can work on it now.

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Dang, really missed this event by a hair huh /: