Fonts broken

My game says i need to put the fonts in the control panel but i already put in all of the fonts in the control panel i dont know what to do?

try running the fonts as admin? (I believe you right click on the folder and click properties)

ok ill try that

you cant run it as admin all you can do is really do is change what it can acess

how many fonts are there supposed to be?

I got 8 in my folder

(j a sec I’m checking about the admin thing)


Yeah that looks right

i dont really know then let me try something

i have all 8 just some are inside of the fonts like power clear bold is inside of power clear

so you didn’t install the new fonts then?

how do you get the new ones? i didnt even know there were new ones.

Do i have to redownload the game? and then copy the files from that and put it in control panel

did you download version 1.2.5 (like the core lol)?

If you did, it’ll be in the fonts folder which is right above the game.exe file

yeah thats the file i downloaded

i even went back and individualy installed every font still doesnt work

you checked the control panel too? // to see if they were installed

I made an account just to reply here. Run the GAME as administrator, not the fonts.

(or install the fonts for all users but ye)

I’ve tried everything/have same situation as EXS_Beast and have attempted running the game as admin but I still have to click through that long@ss “please install the text” screen every time I load the game.

The text in-game works fine I’m just sick of that screen and waiting on all the text to scroll before I can dismiss it and actually play, is there any way I can just eliminate that?