Font folder error

hello I need help when starting the game I get an error text which is this:

It lets me start the game and play it but it is a bit uncomfortable that I get that message all the time when I start the game. Any help to solve it

Yeah, go to the Insurgence folder and there should be a folder called Fonts, enter, highlight everything and copy, then paste it into the Fonts folder in Control Panel. Pretty much what it says.

thank you very much you were right that was what to do :joy:

@ezlaturbo Where is the control panel

It’s part of your computer, where to find it depends on which version on Windows you’re on, in Windows 10 you can just search it in the searchbar in the bottom left of the screen, in older versions I thinkyou can find it by hitting the button in the bottom and it should give you an option, or you might have to use the searchbar there. I haven’t used Windows 7/8 in a few years, so my memory might be off.