Font broken

A couple weeks ago i got a new computer. Recently i downlaoded Pokemon Insurgence. The game was fresh from the start of the game. I have the fonts downlaoded and it keeps saying the text when you dont have them downlaoded how do i fix this

Copy them into your computer’s Fonts folder.

I did

Didnt do anything

Did you go to control panel, search fonts, then copy them into that?/

Yes i just deleted the game and then extracted it again

That’s not what I meant. There is a Fonts folder in the insurgence game folder, and a Fonts folder for your PC which can be accessed through the Control Panel. The one in the Insurgence folder must be copied into the one for the system.

Ik thats what i did when i said downloading it, the game said that as soon as you load up the game

IDK, you probably didn’t do it correctly, that’s all I can think of.

i said i fixed it

Oh, now I get it.