Flygonite location?

I’ve gotten to the upper area of Rezzai desert and followed the instructions the wiki has to find flygonite (southeastern corner, move up 3 steps and left 1 step). I don’t seem to find it. Here’s a picture. If you can, please tell me what tile I’m supposed to check.


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@Dechozen101 Again, thanks.

I cannot for the life of me find it, I have searched everywhere, if someone could help me find it that would be cool.

That’s the Tyranitarite, not the Flygonite.

He hasn’t been on since Mid-2019 and this point hasn’t been chatted on for 11 months, just don’t revive old posts.

Before the 1.2.5 update, the flygonite was located there

The old post needs to be revived if it is obsolete and incorrect.

they either changed the location or changed it to an exclusive item. it was a mystery gift in the early days of insurgence. and before the 1.2.5 update it was at that spot. maybe download an earlier version do it then transfer data back to a recent update?

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It’s now in front of the Flygon in the desert. You have to search the area in the direction it’s facing.

That is the Flygonite