Floette-Eternal Suggestion

Hey! I was thinking that, since spring is almost here, we could celebrate it by getting a Floette-Eternal as a Mistery Gift, i know this is not the first excuse to bring this pokémon into the game, but c’mon… It’s Floette Eternal :stuck_out_tongue: What do you guys think?

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Floette Eternal?

Probably Floette-Eternal Flower form. It is an alternate form found by hackers with different base stats and a powerful move called Light of Ruin. It is likely Sun/Moon content, which developers have already stated will not be added.

Aha. I see. I thought it was the Floette with a black flower. I’ve been avoiding spoilers as much as possible. It’s hard these days with everyone and their dog posting every new discovery immediately.

Out of curiosity, have you gotten the demo. Cause if you do get it, it has a special Pokemon that ash has in his Kalos adventures. I’m not going to spoil it though since you don’t like spoilers. (I hope this doesn’t count as a spoiler for you and if it is, sorry :frowning:.

No worries, I appreciate the discretion. As a matter of fact, I did get the demo actually, and so far I’m enjoying it. Thanks for trying not to spoil things though. I actually kind of have an issue with that pokemon, if only because you can trigger it’s ability. The ability is supposed to be based on its bond with its trainer, but you aren’t really it’s trainer…Ash is.

Back to the issue of spoilers, I don’t really mind them that much. I find it enjoyable to discover how things get from point a to point b. But lately we get inundated with info before the game even comes out and it sometimes feels like a movie trailer for a comedy that shows all the best jokes. When you actually watch the movie it falls flat cause it didn’t live up to expectations. I wanted to avoid that.

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Yeah that was what I’ve been trying to avoid as well but the hype was too real so I just gave up and looked at all the details and spoilers.

I have an advantage: I don’t use social media. I’ve been able to avoid all the stuff on twitter and Facebook.