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Floette Eternal Flower

Hi, new player here, I’m really enjoying the game^^ One thing which left me disappointed, though, is the lack of Floette’s Eternal Flower form in the game. I do understand that its existence is intimately tied to the storyline of Pokemon XY, but so are many other legendaries and alternate formes such as Giratina Origin and Shaymin Sky. Plus - and this is more of a personal option, but I digress - I think Floette-E is not an overpowered Pokemon yet fulfills a fun and interesting niche in the game, as a moderately fast, non-mega, specially-based Fairy-type nuke

Would it be possible to consider adding Floette-E to the game? Thanks!

EDIT: Btw I know there were previous threads about this but I didn’t feel like necro-ing 4-year old threads.