FL: delta charmander possible with mega stone

Trading Name: Dragonluk345

Offer: delta vespiquen or delta sunflora and if it has the mega stone you can have both of them or a 3/6 delta snorlax!!!

Request:Delta charmander

Further info:the snorlax has att spdef and speed

Hi Dragonluke45,
I have the urge to also respond to this post as the one you posted earlier.
The 3 IV D.Snorlax you are referring to is a Mystery Gift Pokemon which can be obtained at the start of every game at this point in the game. For my opinion about the other Deltas I refer to you older post. You should offer something more viable or get it yourselfs.
Hopefully this helps.

The ting is is that you can’t trade to your self :frowning:

But people can help you with that. You should join the Discord server where are more players that could help you out.

You accept a Delta Charmeleon for a Delta Sunflora???

@Marcelo You can get as many D.Sunkerns as you wish in the Hidden Grotto