First time spriting here

I tried to make a Delta Ash Greninja. It’s my first time spriting, and I appreciate feedback. Also I use Photoshop to do this, is there any other software that’s better (preferably free).


Delta Ash Greninja - Variant 2
Delta Ash Greninja - Back Sprite


Shiny Delta Ash Greninja - Variant 2
Shiny Delta Ash Greninja - Back Sprite

Alternate (because I like this color scheme):

Shiny Delta Ash Greninja Type 2 - Variant 2
Shiny Delta Ash Greninja Type 2 - Back Sprite

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The… Sword? Looks kinds off to me. It doesn’t look like a good curve and I don’t think it’s even in pixels. Same for the sheath of the back. They’re also not shaded. To make the background transparent, save it as a transparent png. I do basic sprite edits with some art program called fire alpaca because it has a 2x2 pixel size, though it’s not really intended for spriting more so general art, I just had it laying around from the ol’ days when I kinda did art.

Yeah, tried to resize it but that’s because of that. Also that is another sword at the back of him, trying to use a Leaf Blade theme. And Blaze Kick with the feet.

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I think the main reason they look so off is the single solid shade and the 1x1 pixel size, or I think you’re using pixels?

I was trying to use pixels, but the actual file was 192 * 192 (which is 2 pixels per “seeable” pixels, if that makes sense), so I had to size it down to 96*96. And the swords end up looking like garbage. (I need a better spriting program)

Also, I saved the picture as transparent, but when I uploaded it it added the white background.

Firealpaca, the program I mentioned, has a way to save it as a transparent png. Maybe you should use it so I’m not the only, lonely one :^) :^) :^)

Sure, lol. I’ll post an updated version of this thing probably in the next few days, with some more shading and stuff. Thanks for the feedback, Dech! :smile:

@Dechozen101 Edited it. Whatdya think?

Looks quite good now. I think the hand should be holding a hilt rather than the base of the blade and the outline of the hand is made of too much solid black, but large improvement.

@Dechozen101 Edited the edit. Should be perfect now. (I might make more sprites for it later on, like back and shiny)


@Dechozen101 Edited the original post. Is the back ok?

Looks fine to me. I think the sword it’s holding should be visible though.

@Dechozen101 Should be perfect now even if its just your opinion. Gonna work on shiny then make a new post about it or rename this one

Hey @Dechozen101, after I complete the shiny and follower and summary sprite for this thing can it be posted in the delta pokemon section?

What do you mean. Like Holon University in the forums? Because I can just move it there using my powers.

@Dechozen101 Yeah, but wait till I finish the other sprites first.

@Dechozen101 Shiny ok?